HOME Like an officer
  alongside his captain,
  guiding him as he
  navigates his course
Together, we map out the journey that we will take,
step by step, side by side.
OMNIS Your personal
  guide in achieving
  your aims
With the utmost respect for confidentiality and trust,
Omnis gestioni is your advisor, assisting and supporting
you in reaching your greatest and most worthwhile
goals, through a set of coordinated, complementary actions.

Omnis gestioni has been operating in the Ticino region for 10 years,
combining Swiss precision with Latin creativity.
We work with those who wish to:

– Receive guidance in reorganising the data / documents pertaining
   to their real estate assets
– Improve planning with a view to consolidating real estate assets built
   and/or not yet constructed
– Understand the potential of a property, in order to develop a bespoke
   plan of action with the client that takes their needs and resources
   into account
SERVICES We are here to listen
  to you: your visions
  are our objectives
We work with you to understand and develop a plan of action
to achieve your objectives, ensuring quality and performance.

Drawing on our experience, know-how, perception and intuition,
we collaborate with your:

– Architects
– General business services
– Real estate agencies
– Fiduciaries and real estate fiduciaries
– Banks / credit institutions
– Insurance companies
– Legal and notary firms

To coordinate and guide the relevant partners in their various
activities in a harmonious and stimulating way, employing
specific management tools.
CONTACT By your side,
  to guide you in
  the best
  possible way
Omnis Gestioni SA
Casa Irma
Via Monte Ceneri 67
CH-6593 Cadenazzo

T +41 (0)91 858 14 51

Sabrina Tilli

T +41 (0)79 374 91 18